YouTube to Launch Unsigned Band Music Video Contest

Yet another music video contest for unsigned bands.  As if recording a few decent songs wasn’t challenging enough.  But hey, that’s something to be grateful for, ay?

YouTube is launching the YouTube UnderGround contest, which will accept submissions between Oct. 2nd and Oct. 18th.  Cingular, Gibson, ABC, and Chop Shop are all sponsoring the events with pretty swank shwag (i.e. good prizes).  Submission looks free, so fire up your digital video recorders and throw something together.

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2 responses to “YouTube to Launch Unsigned Band Music Video Contest”

  1. IndieMV Avatar

    We have also launched a video contest. All you have to do is download the lyrics and submit a video to for your chance to win a macbook.

    1. dj hyena Avatar
      dj hyena

      the link doesn't work… get at me though, I've got a video that I think will win that contest:

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