Your First Digital Home Recording Studio

Digital Audio Workstation” (aka DAW) set up? If yes, ditch this post and immediately burn a lick or a beat to disc. If not, welcome to a plethora of opportunity to dive in! The first question you’ll need to answer is, what do you want to serve as the central nervous system of your music creation process? Would you prefer a digital recording workstation (a “virtual recording studio in a box”), or a PC/Mac-based software engine? All-in-one digital recording stations are great because they bypass the painful equipment integration process, and contain all the tools you needs to record, mix, and master your music. Music editing software, however, is completely scalable. You can add various plug-ins and software upgrades over time to keep up with the latest advances in audio recording technology. If you envision a long term recording hobby in your future, Music editing software is your best route. If you just want to have some fun, or want to quickly demo your musical genius, a workstation may be best. (That being said, some music software is seriously worth considering no matter what your goals. Just look at Sony’s Acid or Apple’s Garage Band recording software. They’re amazingly simple and powerful.) I chose the software route. I won’t lie, the learning curve was steep. But it was worth it. What are your thoughts? ]]>






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