You Wish Your Grandma Thrashed Like This

Wow.  If you’ve never heard of Rosetta Tharpe, you’ve got to check out this clip of her wailing on the geetar, especially around 1:30.  She seems like such a sweet lady…I can’t help but imagine her handing you a plate of cookies with milk, flipping on an amp, and blasting gospel and blues in the family room…  She’s probably rocking it up in heaven now.  More cool info about Rosetta at NPR and in this book.







4 responses to “You Wish Your Grandma Thrashed Like This”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Holy mackeral, grannie rockin’ the SG like she’s Angus Young! She kinda reminds me of the old “Grandmama” character that Larry Johnson used to play in the Converse commercials in the early 1990s. Nice find, Mike!

  2. Mike B Avatar

    Great call, Jay, that’s so true. She reminds of of Mrs. Doubtfire…ok, maybe not. But she absolutely rocked. And of course her voice was amazing as well. Too awesome.

  3. Tara Avatar

    That woman is awesome! Amazing the influence she has had and all the musicians who credit her. For all the rockstars who know her, how come she is not well known in today’s music circle? NPR has to show us who she is…(but NPR rocks, as always).

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