"You Make The Call!" – HR Nightmares

Friday miscellany time.  The Office Overlord, a good friend of mine, has some of the best HR stories I’ve ever heard.  Check out his "HR Nightmares:  You Make The Call!" post — too funny.  These scenarios should absolutely be part of any Human Resources Director’s boot camp.







4 responses to “"You Make The Call!" – HR Nightmares”

  1. Office Overlord Avatar

    Ah, you’re too kind. Thanks for the plug!

    One thing I neglected to mention in my own post is that these examples are about 90% true experiences…a couple of them have been adjusted for the context of the question, but every one of them happened in some form.

    Sometimes I wonder how much less interesting my life would have been had I accepted that first job offer to be a programmer rather than an HR assistant…

  2. Tara Avatar

    Office O–are you saying all of the possibilities happened, or are you saying one of each of the possible answers happened? Funny in either case…

  3. garagespin Avatar

    Hey Office-O,
    If the stories are 90% true, that rounds up to 100% anyway, right? I’ll take everything your wrote as PURE FACT.

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