Yahoo Launches CHEAP Music Subscription Service

Yahoo Music Unlimited. Yahoo! Music Unlimited LaunchedDave Goldberg, vice president and general manager, Yahoo! Music, stated, “For a great value, users get to listen to as much music as they want, while utilizing superior innovations in playlist generation and community features to enrich and expand their music experience.” Yahoo! Music Unlimited costs $6.99/month, or $59.88/year, offering one of the lowest subscription prices available. Yahoo! Music intends to eventually combine Musicmatch’s offerings with Yahoo! Music Unlimited to create the industry’s “best end-to-end suite of music services.” According to the website:

Yahoo! Music ( offers user the most comprehensive music-related content, features and information available online. Yahoo! Music provides a wide selection of streaming audio, the Web’s largest collection of music videos, Internet radio, exclusive artist features and music news covering all genres of music to Yahoo! visitors. Yahoo! is also home to Musicmatch, which offers music software and services to help users manage, enjoy and buy music that best matches their unique tastes.
It will be interesting to see how this is integrated into Yahoo! Instant Messanger and Yahoo! 360. Check out the full press release here: ]]>






3 responses to “Yahoo Launches CHEAP Music Subscription Service”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Thanks for the first hand commentary, Marc. Yup, so far, Rhapsody has presented the best software interface I've experienced yet.

    I would have considered Rhapsody to go, but was recently able to find an iPod at half price. So much for subscription..!

    I'm going to check out your song…

  2. Marc Avatar

    As you know, I’m a Rhapsody enthusiast but $4.99 is a lot better than $9.99 ($14.99 for Rhapsody on the Go) so I signed up for Yahoo Unlimited’s free two week trial.

    My first impressions of Yahoo: the interface isn’t very friendly, the song selection isn’t as good as Rhapsody but that’ll change probably, and it’s not compaitible with iPods.

    For now I’ll stay with Rhapsody, I love the interface, customized preferences, etc., but once Yahoo picks up iPod I’ll jump ship. Paying 15 bucks a month for Rhapsody or Napster would be a little silly.

    Napster’s CEO thinks users will stay with them because it’s too much of a pain to switch. I wonder how long till he lowers their price.


    PS: Just posted a new song (“This is Why”) here.

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