XingTone Launches mStore, Ringtone Store Creator

Xingtone Launches mStore for Indie Artists

Xingtone, developer of ringtone- creation software, recently launched a beta version of mStore, a self-serve ringtone store generator.

One cool mStore feature is the ability to both create an external store that Xingtone hosts, as well as insert the actual mStore code into one’s own website.  It takes a couple minutes — upload a song, create a ringtone, and paste the resulting html code into any website.  Boing!  There’s your store.  Pretty neat.

Another groovy feature is the price plan set (Artist, Combo, Band, and Orchestra).  The Artist plan is free, allowing up to three ringtones per store and up to 50 free downloads per month.  Very nice, especially for unsigned artists looking to promote their music.

For kicks, I created a stand-alone, bare-bones GarageSpin Ringtone Store in a few minutes.  It’s now live, with an acoustic version of “Spinning Daydream,” a song I’m currently working on.  If you’d like to hear my voice every time someone calls you, download at your own risk. 🙂

I had a chance to conduct an interview with Xingtone CEO, Jonathan Schreiber, about the mStore launch.  Check in tomorrow for the scoop.




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