What's On Your Christmas or Chanukah List?

Budget concerns aside, what would you love to receive during the holidays?  Right now, I’m thinking it’d be nice to have:

  • A cello
  • a small drum set
  • a chromatic harmonica
  • a left BX5a monitor that works
  • a fanbase
  • some kind of portable, multi-track recorder that’s compatable with Sonar
  • more time to work on pending tracks…

What’s on your list?







8 responses to “What's On Your Christmas or Chanukah List?”

  1. Don M Avatar

    Music Thing posted his shopping area and talked all about melodicas. Since then I am determined to get one. He got me all excited about it.

  2. Taylor Avatar

    Is this a rank-ordered list?

    Time would seem to be the most important.

  3. Kirsten Avatar

    Time. Yeah, time.

    But failing that, I’d like a Digitech Whammy pedal, a nice little Oxygen midi controller, and an SWR 2×10 bass cab (I would also accept 4×10). And anything else that might be fun to play with. Really.

  4. justsouknow Avatar

    new pop filter
    nice moniters
    nice headphones
    midi foot controler
    cd printer

  5. MikeB Avatar

    Don: Great call on the Melodica. I had no idea they were so cheap…I’m sold, it’s going on my list.

    Justsouknow: It looks like you’re building the beginnings of a studio — very cool. One quick note, think about also considering an MXL v67G mic instead of the SM57. I have both, and have yet to use the sm57; the MXL beats it out for both acoustic guitar and vocals. (I’ve tried micing an amp, and the results sounded similar to me…but I haven’t experimented much there.)

  6. Jay Avatar

    A tenor tululele from Earnest Instruments.

  7. justsouknow Avatar

    Yeah, the v67g is my only mic now, ive had it for awhile and love it.

  8. Tara Avatar

    Getting my new book published!

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