"What Do You Mean" Chords for your Justin Bieber Cover

Basic “What Do You Mean” Chords (by TheLukeMann) Here’s a pretty simple set of basic chords for What Do You Mean to get started. [caption id="attachment_1658" align="aligncenter" width="602"]What Do You Mean chords for cover What Do You Mean chords for cover[/caption]

“What Do You Mean” Chords and Cover Video

This video isn’t all that helpful for learning how to play What Do You Mean chords, but I was impressed by its production value and thoroughness.

Random “What Do You Mean” Acoustic Covers

Hey, if these musicians can do it, so can you, right? Promote yourself!
  Okay, that’s enough Justin Bieber-induced pain to last a long, long time. * Image at the top modified from one created by Luigi Severus at Deviant Art. Thanks for making me laugh, Luigi!  ]]>



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