WellMixed Masters ProTools and GarageBand Projects

Isn’t it awesome to be part of digital audio world where home recordnig is a reality?  As a musician or band, it’s fantastic.  It can also be great for audio pros with good ideas that can adapt to the new recording landscape.

WellMixed is a company on the verge of launching an internet-based mastering service catering to bands with GarageSpin (or ProTools) song projects looking to achieve a professional sound for their music.  Not a bad idea considering the huge number of Mac users that have GarageBand, but not much else.  (A Cakewalk user, for example, is probably more invested in the equipment, etc., but GarageBand is included free on Macs.)  But…not that I’m one to talk..but hopefully they’ll whip together a better logo…

I’m sure this is only the beginning…keep an eye out for more.  (Thanks, Taylor







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