VH1 I Want to Work for Diddy = Hip Hop Apprentice

So, I’m watching a teaser for VH1’s I Want to Work for Diddy, where a cast of random "can do" "A" personality type folks will compete to be used and abused by the media mogul himself.  It’s sort of like a "Hip Hop Apprentice".

Apparently, the reality show formula has worked wonders for his label, Bad Boy Records, especially for the launch of Danity Kane, Day 26, and Donnie J.  The new show will give him the opportunity to pack in tons of product placement opportunities for his other brands and those of partners’…much like Trump did.

We here in the blogosphere accomplish some amazing things on shoe string budgets while leveraging web 2.0 goodness.  But you still can’t underestimate the power of smart marketing and several gazillion dollars…







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  1. Tara Avatar

    I saw the Diddy show last night. And OF COURSE, even though all the teammates want the annoying girl out, the producers will somehow make it impossible for them to have the ultimate choice. So the annoying girl stays, I’m sure, because they think it’ll be good for drama and ratings. However, they might not be thinking about all us who are just sick of watching annoying people on reality shows talk over everyone else. It turns me off and makes me not want to see the show again (like when Celebrity Apprentice came one. In the first episode, it was clear Omarosa should have been sent home, but because she was so annoying, I think Trump kept her for ratings. But it made me not watch the show anymore, because she didn’t make the show fun anymore. I’m hoping they will just not edit this “Poprah” girl in the show so much. Or the easy answer is just, I don’t watch it.

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