The Ultimate Funky YouTube Loop Mashup Music Video

Kutiman, took loop groove creation to the next level by mashing up a bunch of YouTube clips together.  Funky, funky, funky.  It’s kind of like…consumer generated media-generated media.

I wonder where this all falls with regards to licensing, content ownership, clearance, permission…oh, never mind.  Awesome stuff. (via Mashable)]]>





2 responses to “The Ultimate Funky YouTube Loop Mashup Music Video”

  1. Leo Avatar

    I love it. I've seen a video DJ work (and wasn't impressed), but this is a great example of the blending, like the X-Ecutioners did with turntables (

  2. GarageSpin Avatar

    Great call, Leo. Absolutely, the one recalls the other. I can see this kind of medium becoming just as popular as audio loop mixing, possibly… It's fun to see the "mashup" evolve over time, as the mashing tools evolve technologically.

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