TuneTrader Launches Online Indie Music Promotion Service

One of the best ways to break an independent band or musician into the music industry is successful placement in commercial ads, television, or films. Syncrhonization licenses, licenses granting rights to synchronize music with visual images, have dramatically increased in cost. As a result, many media production houses have turned towards digital music libraries specializing in unsigned bands to lower their costs. Tunetrader just launched such a digital music service. To quote its site:

[Tunetrader provides] musicians with a platform from which to promote their music to production companies and record labels by arranging licensing deals and placements in advertising, television and film.
pumpaudio.JPGApplying is free, and membership is non-exclusive, making the deal a win-win for musicians. The site allows them to market their music online through a customized website. A similar service is offered by PumpAudio, another independent, digital music placement and licensing service. As more and more musicians have access to professional-quality, digital audio home recording tools, these new licensing channels will become more and more lucrative. As a fellow musician, I have to say, this rocks. ]]>






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