Track Your Fav Bands' Tour Schedules with Band Tracker

Band Tracker by OodleOodle’s Band Tracker launched today.  It’s kinda cool, you create your own personalized list of bands whose tours you want to keep track of, and it lets you buy tickets as well.  Emails are sent to you with timely updates of what’s going on, etc.  …Some kind of widget would be way cooler, though…  A great tool for Scalpers planning ahead.

I’d love to say, ‘hey, why don’t you track my band?’  But that’s impossible since I neither have a completed repertoire of music, nor do I have a solid band name yet (except for the filler, ‘DreamSpin’).  Maybe in 2008.

I’m going to immediately plug in my favs, Danity Kane, Pussy Cat Dolls, and Go! Team, and I suggest you do the same.  (via)







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  1. buckyballs Avatar

    Hey, that tracker has been around for a long time I think and it’s very lame.
    They are spamming myspace like nuts right now.
    Look at the URL – oodles was financed as a site for classified ads… the tracker is just an appendage.

    We use gruvr it rocks.

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