Tila Tequila, Friendliest MySpace User, and Her Single

Tila Tequila on MySpaceTila Tequila has more friends than anyone else on the planet.

With 1.7 million MySpace friends, and 1.9 million comments, she’s now trying to leverage her buddy network to sell her single, "I Love U."  Ironically, the song is all about how she’s a "b#tch" that will "..f#ck you up.." if you don’t please her.  Not very friendly.

In the NY Times article, her manager states:

"This is really new territory, we’re about to find out what the connection is between social networking and music sales."

That’s sort of interesting, but the real lesson here is that, of course, sex sells.  Tila is an x-Playboy model, and she’s been friendly enough to share many (clothed) pictures of herself on her site.

Hm.  Should I post a pic of myself in one of those European boxer-brief-thong thingies..?








9 responses to “Tila Tequila, Friendliest MySpace User, and Her Single”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I seriously thought this song was a joke when I first heard it. I really, really WISH it was a joke.

  2. DreamSpin Avatar

    I KNOW. It’s really pretty poor.

    Funny, though. If only 1% of her “friends” buy her single, she’ll make $17,000. Not too shabby, I guess, especially if she can follow it up with a few decent singles. Crazy, no?

  3. jay Avatar

    that dumb bitch sends out like 5 myspace bulletins a day talking about her soundclick.com sounding album

  4. DreamSpin Avatar

    Ouch, that’s overkill. The real question is, why did you decide to add her as a friend? 🙂

  5. Juan M Avatar
    Juan M

    Drop ti like it’s hot.

  6. jazmine Avatar

    omg !!!

  7. Maren Avatar

    i like the video…
    i come from germany and i see yout show by mtv but i don't check why you have pick bobby?!may be you write me a e-mail…^^
    bye maren

  8. summer Avatar

    hey baby

  9. bianca Avatar

    i like you'r singing and you are a good stripper and a good kisser and i would like to be you'r freind and if you can tip me back to me that would be great
    ok .bye xoxo

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