The Positive Pop Song Contest – Yippy Skippy!

Positive Pop Song Contenst.JPGGee wiz, Beav! It’s the Positive Pop Song Contest! But how do you know if your song is positive enough? Well, just make sure you follow the tried but true A-B-A-B-C-A-B song structure, and stick with major C, D, and G chords, and you’ll be fine. Or, take the Interactive Positive Pop Song Quiz for a positive stamp of approval. (Goth artists, stay away) The deadline for music submission is August 15, 2005. Prizes include full production, recording, and mixing of one song at several pro studios ($6-7,000 value). Not bad, but song submission costs $25. (No wonder they’re so peppy…) Remember, you’re happy, you’re special, and people like you! UPDATE: Thanks to Miranda for pointing out the $25 submission fee. I accidentally stated that submission was free. Oops! ]]>






2 responses to “The Positive Pop Song Contest – Yippy Skippy!”

  1. Miranda Avatar

    Submission fee is actually $25.

  2. Michael Christman Avatar
    Michael Christman

    When is the next contest deadline?

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