The Pickup Artist on VH1

vh1's the pick-up artistThe Pickup Artist, a reality show following Mystery (apparently, a famous pickup artist) as he teaches 8 socially awkward dudes to pick up women, kicks off today on VH1.  Desperate men rejoice; I know I could’ve used something like this when I was in high school.  But then again, do you really want to take advice from a guy who wears fuzzy hats and eye liner?

My advice to those 8 guys — join a band.  Then you can say, "I’m in a band."  It doesn’t even have to be a good band.  That’s why I joined an a capella group in college — girls love a capella.  My wife won’t admit it, but I’d bet it was my a capella skillz that won her over.

In any case, for those of you that are interested, some info about The Pick Up Artist:



Joe D.: The big guy that girls like "as a friend."

Pradeep: The mathematician who doesn’t know when to shut up.

Spoon: The asian guy who gets seriously scared around women.

Alvaro: The breakdancing, boxing guy that turns mute near women.

Fred: A 45-year old virgin.

Scott: Also having troubles with women, and also a virgin.

Joe: A blonde, musical-loving pretty boy that’s supposedly not gay.

Brady: A photographer who fears rejection.



MysteryErik Von Markovik.  The big time player on the show, and creator of the Mystery Method (collection of seduction learnings).

Matador:  Mystery’s smooth wingman.

J-Dog:  Mystery’s other smooth wingman, who’s supposedly not gay.



Pick Up Artist Blog:  The show’s blog, starting with season 1.  Check out Pick Up Artist TV show listings, episode guide, cast and crew, recaps, video clips, spoilers, DVDs, etc.

The Game:  Penetrating the Secret Society of Pick Up Artists:  A 2005 non-fiction book by Neil Strauss detailing his induction into the pick up artist community and his rise from an average loser to a "master pick-up artist" under his pseudonym, Style.  He learned his technique from Mystery.

Ross Jeffries: A pick up artist focusing on hypnotic and neuro linguistic techniques in his ‘Speed Seduction’ teachings.  Neil learned from him.

David DeAngelo:  A pick up artist who founded the company ‘Double Your Dating’, who also influenced Neil.

Wikipedia entry:  A wikipedia entry for the show, the Pick-up Artist.

UPDATE:  I just watched the Pick Up Artist Finale, and Joe Alvaro beat brady for the title of "Master Pickup Artist.  Oh SNAP!!








25 responses to “The Pickup Artist on VH1”

  1. Jay Avatar

    I like how ‘Mystery’ commented that the guy named “Spoon” should change his name, because no girl would date a guy named “Spoon,” and yet Mystery’s wingman is a guy named “Matador” – as though that’s a lot better. I honestly thought that show was a joke.

  2. Tenmagnet Avatar

    I totally agree, as someone who teaches this stuff, building an attractive lifestyle is one of the most important things you can do. That said, if your game stinks, you’re still going to have trouble.

    Think about it – ever know a guy in a band who *still* couldn’t get laid? I do!

  3. David Avatar

    Agreed. These guys have been around via online and direct mail forever and the whole thing is a total joke. It’s easy to take advantage of drunk girls with no self-esteem…and sell that information to dumbass guys who haven’t got a clue about women.

  4. Tara Avatar

    Yeah–as a girl who’s had guys try to “pick me up” in bars, social gatherings etc.–I see how Mystery can get some of those girls. He does stand out and he can talk and is interesting, and that’s fine. I would engage in a conversation with him for a little while. BUT, the make-up is not cool on a guy. And he sounds gay when he’s talking to the girls in the bar…why is that? Also the English guy sounded gay, as well (the first thing he said to a girl was “I like your style” or something like that). So I would talk to him too and joke around and feel comfortable, but I would be thinking he might be gay, or at least, no threat and amusing. That’s really why I would talk to any of those guys–a funny story. But, I have to admit, that I can see that “Mystery” (I hate that name) has a handsome face underneath it all and probably a decent body. I wonder if he’s going to turn the guys into those annoying playas that get a certain type of girl, but that a lot of girls wouldn’t go for–or if he really will give them some sort of confidence they are now missing. He did, however, say, “From now on, you will leave your old self behind” or whatever. Which also insinuates, their old self had nothing to keep! He should say, they’re going to get the skills to bring their self to the forefront and have girls see them for who they are. They can gain confidence and communication skills, but they can’t (or shouldn’t necessarily) straight up change their personalities.

  5. mike b Avatar

    This all makes me wonder, would I have an easier time finding a new band name, if I thought of it as a “Pickup Artist Name”?

    But really, very interesting thoughts, Tara and David. I think there’s some truth to the ‘method’ Mystery preaches, mostly relating to the ‘confidence’ aspect of the sermon. Most people will generally be happier people when they feel good about themselves, and that’s generally an attractive trait as well.

    Finding happiness in a bar is tough, but then, that’s not necessarily why most bar-hoppers hop bars, is it?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Yes… it is easy to be critical of something that you know nothing about.

    Try doing a little research on the subject before you go off the deep end. The stuff does work, and many women have settled down with the women of their dreams because of the methods that these pickup artists teach.

    Some of these guys are scam artists, no doubt about it. But I guarantee you, Mystery is legit.

    If you want to see someone who looks a bit more “normal” doing this same sort of stuff, check out Neil Strauss or Ross Jeffries.

  7. Anonymous Avatar

    ***many MEN have settled down with the women of their dreams.****

    Sorry for the typo…

  8. mishsquish Avatar

    It’s funny seeing people criticize Mystery. Don’t make up your mind before you do the research.

    I’m 19. Last year I used to be basically one of the guys in the show. Then I discovered Neil Strauss’s “The Game”. Besides being an awesomely entertaining read (it’s not a rule-book, it’s a true story about Neil going from zero to hero and Mystery is a big part of it), it sent me down the right path. After reading it, I began googling the names and forum names mentioned in the book and discovered a whole different world.

    I am not a pickup artist, although if I devoted time to studying it, by now I would be busy in a threesome.

    I attained what I wanted, though. Confidence and personality. I am 700% more fun to talk to and be around these days, thanks to Style, Mystery and Juggler. I’m planning to devote more time to looking even deeper into the subject within the next couple of months and I can say with great confidence that I will be a pickup artist by 2008.

    ps. I’m pretty sure I would never have randomly met a stripper in town that ended up chasing me around and making me touch her if I haven’t stumbled upon The Game. Or any other successes I have had with women even just this year.

  9. mike b Avatar

    Mishsquish: Your stripper story would of course be most impressive if no payment was involved. And even moreso if it wasn’t a stripper.

    That said, I honestly believe there’s a lot of helpful truth to Mystery’s lessons. I certainly could’ve used it during my more shy days.

  10. misteroui Avatar

    ***many MEN have settled down with the WOMEN of their dreams.****

    how do you ‘settle down’ with the womEN of your dreams? Polygamy?

    I have spent my fair share of time in bars doing the pick up thing. At one time, I would not leave until I had a prospect for another night or was leaving with someone. And in that time (so well spent, yeah right) I learned that there is no ‘technique’ it’s just a numbers games folks. You try to be as non-chalant and as cool as possible, to as many girls as possible, and one will end at your side come closing time. It is predatory, immature behavior that leads to meaningless relationships. I mean who in the hell wants to actually be involved with someone long term that started with a bar pick up? You end up having nothing real in common because it’s all bullshit (oops I guess they call that ‘technique’) tactics to get them interested. Short term it works. Long term, they wonder why the hell they talked to you in the first place. And vice versa.

    As desperate as these ‘contestants’ have been portrayed, they are all touting the desire to find love and acceptance (aka girlfriends)

    will MR E find them love? or temporary acceptance from drunk girls totally out of their league who find them interesting for a few minutes. All due to posturing,props and fake self assurance that will last about as long as this show, if there is a god.

    Longer lasting is the impact such a show has on those trying to attain real love. Perpetuation of the myth that you have to have ‘game’ whatever the hell that is, to achieve love is unforgivable.

    There are many women who feel as awkward and socially inadaquate as these guys, but don’t admit it. And rather than faking how cool they are maybe they should be searching for the women that will understand them. But hey, why do that, when you can hook up with totally out of reach chics who dig you only because you had a few witty lines? Hey you can ride on that high for what, a couple of weeks??? Hell yeah! While a girl who might be better suited to you is off with some fast talking guy who will dump her next week.

    I’ve been a dork in early school, a cool guy in a band in high school and college, then a just a guy who realized that it’s all bullshit. And that’s when you really meet girls that are right for you. Strip away the game, unless you want girls who play games.

    Ask yourself this, if a girl doesn’t want you for who you are, do you really want her? Will you ever feel like she is with you for the long run? NO! She’s with you until your ‘cool’ runs out.

  11. TT Avatar

    misteroui, you are in no position to judge the game because you obviously do not understand it at all.

    It’s not hard to see that you have animosity in you towards dating in general, and just because you may have never been able to HOLD the interest of a high caliber women does not give you the right to assume that the guys on that show will have the same fate.

    Jot this down in a notebook somewhere: Techniques such as openers, false time constraints, negs, kino etc. are not designed to make you seem “cooler” or turn you into someone else, their purpose is to help you create enough rapport with a woman as quickly as possible so she will lower her defenses and allow you to display your TRUE CHARACTER to her.

    Also, here’s another nice bit of info for any of you guys wanting to learn the art of seduction:

    A negative interaction will typically lead to a positive outcome. Don’t be scared to tease women and be a bit standoffish. Stick to your opinions and even intentionally start small arguments with women, they will get caught up in the drama and love it. Don’t go overboard with this and be an asshole, do it teasingly with a smile on your face. Also, don’t be afraid to say “NO” to a woman, that word can work magic especially when you’re asked to buy them drinks or hold something for them.

  12. Tara Avatar

    Okay, I’m going to weigh in again, as it seems I’m the only female posting comments here. I have talked to several pretty cool “high league” women/girls about the show and their reaction is usually, “Mystery is gross. Why is he wearing eye liner?” But a lot of guys seem to dig the show. So what does that mean? I’m not totally sure…Maybe women don’t like to think of guys learning these “tricks” (I know, I know–they’re not necessarily “tricks”, but you know what I mean–they sort of are), or maybe most of them just agree that Mystery needs a makeover. Not sure.

    I think mistouri and TT both have good points and their points are not necessarily entirely mutually exclusive. I do agree that most interactions in bars lead to hook-ups and that’s it–if that. Maybe this is different in different types of cities–but I am speaking from a tri-state (nyc) region where there are tons of 20s-30s attractive people in bars. I know very few people who have ever gotten together from going to a bar.

    I agree that a bar is not a great setting to meet the girl of your dreams–it may happen, sure anything is possible, but chances are, it won’t. And most of these guys are not the type to just hang out in bars, so it’s not a setting that they will probably continue to go to once they leave the show.

    BUT, it is a good practice ground to really throw them in a setting that makes them uncomfortable, talk to strangers, and try to get over their inhibitions and talk to strangers. The guys should learn that the best way to meet a girl they might want to settle down with is at a place where they can do something together, and a place which might attract girls of the same interest. Like a pottery class, a swing class, an art exhibit or show, a concert, or something. Then you have something in common right to start with, you have an activity going on, which you can experience together, and it’s a more comfortable environment.

    But hopefully, the bar practice will just give them the guts to be able to speak out loud to these girls, when they are in the right setting–and that seems to be the issue with a lot of them. Hopefully Mystery will speak with them about good places to meet girls they’d like, in the future.

    The “techniques” Mystery teaches the guys are okay, I think. He has some good points, and hey, if you’re totally clueless in how to even talk to girls, I guess you have to approach it in a technique sort of way to start with. And some of the lines he teaches them are interesting. Some pretty trite and I’d think a guy was weird if he asked them, but others would get my attention and I’d talk to him, at least because he might be amusing and a funny story later. (I also think it is a little funny if all these guys go to the same bar–and maybe approach some of the same people with the same type of lines–the people could be wondering, “why are there all these guys in here tonight asking to see my hands or asking me if I brush before or after flossing?”)

    Regarding the negative interaction thing though–TT, yes, playful fighting can be fine, and I’ve engaged in that with flirting men, but there are right things to play-fight about and not so good things to do that for–and not buying a drink or holding something not things to emulate, I’d say and if you had luck with that, that’s a rarity, or you were already in enough, she overlooked it. Because if I said something like, “Hey, could you hold my drink for a minute while I put my hair back?” And a guy was like, “I don’t think so,” I would probably make some playful argumentative remark, be completely turned off by him, and try to get away from him as soon as possible–or more likely, I’d ask some other guy to hold my drink instead, who would do it right away, and I’d turn away from the jerk, and be done with him.

    Anyway! That’s my 80 cents for now!

  13. Trey Avatar

    HA HA HA HA…Mystery is such a dweeb. His tactics only work on drunk girls with numb brainstems. He needs to learn how to dress so he doesn’t look like a cracked-out drag queen. This show is a creepy comedy.

  14.  Avatar

    Ok, let’s get a few things straight here. I’ve tried many of the techniques Mystery teaches & can GUARANTEE you they work!! Unfortunately they only really work in the short term.

  15. Carole Avatar

    Are there any ideas about how women can attract men, i.e. the female find a guy artist

  16. Lenci Avatar

    As a woman who has endured many pickup lines in the past, I find the show a little sad. I do feel sorry for the guys who think that women are so intimidating it takes canned lines and practiced routines to approach them. Watching Mystery, Matador and the tiny faux hetero guy – can’t remember his name, I think their ‘negs’ are completely insulting. “What do you have going for you besides your looks?” “Nice nails, are they real?” “Why don’t you introduce me to your friend, it would be the polite thing to do.” What a cocky, arrogant, obnoxious attitude! If any guy pulled that on me, I don’t care how goodlooking he is – I would turn off my attention in a minute. The one thing that all of the contestants possess that Mystery and his posse don’t is kindness. The contestants may be nervous, uncertain, and inexperienced but they are NICE. However, it’s not nice to come across as a preening poseur just to get a chick’s number or worse, get her in bed just so you can have another notch on the bedpost. Any women who would fall for such an act is an idiot.

  17. beinghonest Avatar

    Bottom line, if you act like a homo girls will not want to date you. If you act like a geek most women will be turned off. I think the host is a wannabe geek himself. His two cohorts look like losers as well. This show like all other so called “reality” shows are staged. Most of the contestants act like homo’s or morons. If they just watched themselves on tv, they would see what they need to change. They don’t need the cat in the hat to teach them any techniques.

    My opinion…..

  18. Lifta Avatar

    These guys dont need the lines from the Mystery Method, the Ross Jeferies Method, the David De … WHATEVER method … all they need is to know how to talk to women without freezing and being able to come back at women when they give “confidence tests aka shit tests”.

    Other than that all this BS is just going to have these guys wind up with “one night stand party girls” which these truly nice guys DONT seem to want anyway.

    Like some girls who point out that any nice guys are always manipulative by being nice to get into their pants … well YES they DO have a sex drive and its NATURAL but they need to learn to conceal it better so all this neg bullshit is just to show that that’s not ALL they are there for … WHICH IS THE POINT!

  19. Ev Avatar

    ok, who ever wrote that,

    1st of all – woa
    2nd of all im not 100% in love with your tone right now
    and 3rd of all, an a capella….don’t make me laugh hah!

  20.  Avatar

    i really can’t understand all this animosity towards the community and mystery (who was the one that developed all of the techniques and methods from opening set after set after set). The shotgun and sniper negs are a brilliant way to get a rapport going and to show a 9 or a 10 that you are not attracting to her like every other guy. to be a pua, you need to be an exception to the rule, be it using peacocking or canned lines. Ross Jeffries and his nlp should be frowned upon as this is actually messing with girls minds

  21. Diana Avatar

    joe D. email me we have somethin funny in common and i want to tell u!!! its about the tooth thing…….black light fear?

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  23. Blev-Dog Avatar

    He has a lot of good advice if you just want to get laid. If you use his method you will most assuredly end up in a shallow, fake relationship. Most women, unfortunately, fall for this stuff hook, line, and sinker. All women say they want a nice guy, until the nice guy starts talking to them. It's sad, really. How most people will die lonely.

  24. max Avatar

    whats the name of that song says "jala jala hey jala jala hey" in the chapter 1×07

  25. gear deluxe steel Avatar

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