The Orchard, Digital Indie Music Distributor, Expands East

Independent musicians and garage bands everywhere are taking advantage of new digital music distribution services available to them. The Orchard (owned by Dimensional Associates, which also owns eMusic) is one company successfully offering global digital music distribution services to the indie market. Its model involves non-exclusive, digital and physical distribution services for a single flat fee per album release. They’ve developed quite a network of partners:

We supply our entire catalog to over 50 legitimate digital music services including iTunes, eMusic, Real Rhapsody, Sony Connect, Napster, MusicNet/AOL, MSN UK, Virgin and HMV. We will be in the launch of every major new digital music service, including Yahoo! Music, Target, and Virgin in the US, as well as iTunes, MusicNet, and Musicmatch in Europe.
It’s not a bad way to get your music out to a lot of places in a little time. Pricing depends on your distribution plan: 1. Worldwide Digital Distribution – $45 per release 2. Digital and Physical Global distribution – $99 per release Now, The Orchard is expanding its reach through new aggregator partnerships with Asia Markets Development Limited (AMDL) and Palestine-based New Sound. Check out this article at Arrivenet to read more about their impressive portfolio of partnerships. ]]>






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  1. fun Avatar

    Panartist signs Mars lasar to digital distribution : Mars Lasar (2005/12/09)
    Platinum award winning composer/music producer
    Mars has been featured in such publications as the LA Times, Spin, The Chicago Sun Times and Billboard Magazine. Mars has appeared on The Discovery Channel’s Movie Magic for his technical wizardry, and received numerous awards, including two platinum records. The first for his work on Crazy, the hit record by England’s recording artist Seal, and his second for, “Love Is Still Enough”, a song Mars wrote and produced with America’s Sovory. Love Is Still Enough was featured on the soundtrack from the movie Jason’s Lyric. Mars has worked with such Artists as T.a.t.u, Divinyls, Jon Stevens (INXS), Rick Dufay (Aerosmith), Steve Balsamo, Erin Williams, Xavier, and Siedah Garrett, best known for her collaborations with Michael Jackson and Brand New Heavies. He has also produced Herbie Hancock, John Sykes (White Snake), French Diva Liane Foly and Sovory. In 2002 hit Russian band T.a.t.u hired Mars to write and produce songs for their project. As a result of their collaboration, one of the tracks was entered into the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest earning third place amongst the 26 countries entered.
    Mars’ production BigBox was licensed to Apple Macintosh for their promotion of the IBook Computer. This album has received much attention, with multiple tracks reaching #1 on MP3’s Industrial Electronica charts. BigBox was recently joined by Vertical Velocity, an equally cutting-edge yet slightly more melodic album. See his production catalog

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