"The Nick Lachey Project" on MTV Begins in One Week

The Nick Lachey Project begins in one week. Go on, TRY to tell me you’re not excited. Nick Lachey, former 98 Degrees member and co-star of Newlyweds with wife Jessica Simpson, will star in his own reality show. The MTV reality series will track Nick as he builds his own home recording studio, records an album, and works to get signed to a new label. Hey, he’s just like us! (Fame and funds aside.) Perhaps we’ll learn something from Nick’s adventures about achieving success in the music industry? 😉 ]]>






5 responses to “"The Nick Lachey Project" on MTV Begins in One Week”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Ok, so, apparently, the show has _not_ yet begun. Does anyone know if the show’s been cancelled, or even delayed?

  2. Mike Avatar

    Ok, I found an update — this is from an FMQB.com article, dated May 3, 2005:

    "Despite the drop off, MTV still leads the pack in the 12-34 demo, with seven of the Top 20 shows this past week. Punk'd and Pimp My Ride are still popular, and later this year MTV will begin airing a new Nick Lachey show centering around the making of his next album, as well as That '70s House, about a group of teens living in a time-warped house."

    See the full article here.

  3. shanah06 Avatar

    cute to be tgether

  4. Jasmine Avatar

    My bet? Probably a whole new kind of surprise……

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