The New Artist 2.0

new breed of Artist 2.0s in today’s online world, the ability to release music and video directly to the public, the ability to interact directly with fans (and the resulting challenges), the importance of touring, and some interesting success stories.  Bands like Jonathan Coulton, OK Go, Hold Steady, and Scene Aesthetic are included.  A good read. ]]>







4 responses to “The New Artist 2.0”

  1. Office Overlord Avatar

    Great read! Thanks for the posting!

  2. Mike Avatar

    You bet, Mike — and thanks for your tip as well! 😉

  3. Jay Avatar

    Finally read the article. Good find. I especialyl liked the blurb about Poppy Z. Brite…being banned from your own discussion board must be a bizarre experience to say the least. However…I suppose that if that was the extent of your problems as an artist, you'd be doing okay.

  4. Mark Boudreau Avatar

    Thanks for this post. Mentioned it on Rock and Roll Report. Great site. Good luck!

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