The M-Audio Podcast Factory

M-Audio-Podcast-Factory.jpgM-Audio is one smart company. When GarageBand started generating a ton of buzz, they immediately answered with the M-Audio iControl, a controller built exclusively for GarageBand. They’re doing it again, this time by customizing hardware and software for Podcasters. The M-Audio Podcast Factory includes a microphone, audio interface, Audacity, Abletone Live Lite 4 software, a simple RSS feed/podcast creation option, and other goodies. I’m normally a big fan of M-Audio gear — I use both the M-Audio Delta 1010lt soundcard and M-Audio DMP3 Preamp. However, Engadget ripped the Podcast Factory apart. Most likely, though, the Podcast Factory will satisfy the needs for 95% of podcasters, by greatly simplifying the podcast production process for non-gear heads. (via About) ]]>






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