The Importance of a Professional Demo Press Kit

The Importance of Demo Press KitsHaving a smashing demo to shop around to labels is a step towards garage band rock stardom. However, great music is not always enough. David Hooper explains the importance of a professional, sharp-looking demo package for getting record label A&R attention:

…the power of professional package submission. All too many artists will literally throw something together and hope for the best – kind of like throwing mud against the wall. A poorly put together package reeks of laziness – a trait that no artist can possibly expect to live with today. It’s just too competitive. And most importantly, we want to know that you’re serious dammit! If you’re not serious how can you expect any music industry person to take you seriously?
Among several “must-haves” are 1) detailed contact information, 2) a professional photo, 3) a labelled CD, 4) a professional letter and bio. Be as rebellious, punk, or independent when creating with your digital home recordin studio. Look professional when creating your band’s press kit. ]]>






4 responses to “The Importance of a Professional Demo Press Kit”

  1. chris Avatar

    Do you know if there is an online site that provides an example of a professional press kit? My group has done 3 different versions, but don’t know if we’re approaching it correctly.

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