The FameCast Unsigned Band Competition

There’s a new unsigned band competition whose submission deadline is right around the corner.  FameCast is extending an open call for bands to upload videos of themselves performing.  Fans vote for their favorites, the top 25 are reviewed by ‘industry professionals’, and the top 5 get flown to Austin, TX for the big event.  First prize is $10,000.  Submission is free.  The deadline is January 15th (extended to Jan 22nd).  If you’re interested, get crackin.

Here’s a tip:  You have to stand out.  Be somewhere cool, and wear something funky.  A chicken or banana suit, or both, are highly encouraged.

Update:  I was just informed that the "vote start" date was moved to Jan 22, so bands have an additional 2 weeks to submit a video.







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