The Do-It-Yourself Digital Revolution in Movies, Music, and Art

article about the increasing economic and artistic force that is the new digital, do-it-yourself artist:

[A] combination of accessible tech tools and pervasive Internet usage has touched off a do-it-yourself revolution in movies, music and art. Amateurs of all stripes have become adept at using brawny desktop PCs and rich multimedia production software to generate a panoply of digital content. And they are proving to be dexterous at drumming up fans and patrons over the Internet.
He recounts several success stories in indie music, film, and art, that mark the beginnings of a shakeup the media and entertaiment industries. Included are audio clips from interviews with Derek Sivers (from CDBaby), Chris Kentis (Director of Open Water), and Angelo Sotira (CEO of DeviantArt). I look forward to seeing a home recording studio-producted album exploding in the same way Open Water did. 😉 ]]>






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