Studio Stories, About the Great NYC Recording Studios

Studio Stores Creates an Account of the Great New York Recording StudiosDigital Home Recording Studios have taken the place once occupied by the enormous, glorious, and acoustically superior recording studios that produced so many hit records in the last half century. Though many recording studios have begun closing their doors in the face of mass migration to digital workstations, there are many amazing stories and important lessons to be derived from some of these incredible record production palaces. Studio Stories: How the Great New York Records Were Made: From Miles to Madonna, Sinatra to the Ramones, written by David Simmons, is an account of some of the most memorable moments between 1950-1980 in New York’s recording history, as seen many of the producers, engineers, songwriters, and recording artists who helped make them happen. In an interview, David explains:

My goal was to present a series of stories about New York’s studios and music scene during this 30-year period that would be loosely connected by a main theme – the spark of ingenuity that marked the early and middle years of modern recording, and the subsequent loss of innovation that was the result of too much technology (and the ultimate streamlining of the whole record-making process).
I disagree with David somewhat — more technology does not necessarily equal less innovation. However, I admit that technology does lessen the need for musicianship and engineership on the part of the recorder…that is, after all, a major benefit of digital audio. You no longer need to be a sound engineer. Still, ingenuity pays off in both analog and digital worlds. In any case, the book really does sound like a good read, receiving a positive review from Clouds and Clocks. Thanks to Mark for noticing the review and interview. ]]>






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