Store’s “Buy It, Burn It, Return It” CD Offer

Scotti's Record Shops' new Buy It, Burn It, Return It policyThe Wall Street Journal wrote an excellent story about how independent record stores are combating declining CD sales. Scotti’s Record Shops has a “Buy It, Burn It, Return It” policy that lets customers do just that. The website reads:

Load your IPOD! Buy it! and Burn It!
It’s been popular with customers, but not quite so popular with the RIAA, apparently, due to potential copyright violations, etc. Also mentioned are a number of other initiatives independent record stores have access to through the Music Monitor Network, a consortium of independent stores, labels and distributors that collectively invest in marketing and other ventures. Scotti’s Record Shops have been able to offer services such as Monitor This! kiosks, where customers can sample new music, create customized CDs, and enter contests. The shop has also been able to distribute a customized version of Soundprint magazine, offer exclusive photo discounts, ringtones, and song downloads. Pretty cool, creative marketing strategies being used here… It’s very similar to what many labels and indie bands are doing to generate additional streams of revenue. Great story. (via Taylor, via TechDirt) ]]>






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