Stickam Gives Bands Video, Photo, Music, and Chat Tools

Stickam offers video, photo, music, chat tools to bandsThere is a very long list of companies offering interactive tools that let just about anyone sweeten their blogs, MySpace pages, eBay listings, whatever, with multimedia functionality.

Stickam is one of the cooler ones I’ve seen.  Bands can upload music, video, and photos to their site, and generate plugins for their websites/blogs/etc.

Even cooler, though, are the abilities to broadcast video live on any site, as well as conduct a video conference with anyone.  Crazy!  I’m psyched to try it out… You can see a few sample band pages on Stickam’s ‘entertainer’ page.

Bob Baker of Indie Music Promotion Blog fame, wrote a great post about how online video is exploding this year — all bands should begin to think about interesting ways to use this medium to promote their music.








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