Status of My Band Name Search

My search for a cool band name continues.  Some ideas that have been tossed about:

  • DreamSpin:  What I’m currently using as of last November, but I never grew truly fond of it.
  • AnvilBoy:  Randomly found, I like: the juxtaposition of something cold, large, invincible ("anvil") and something young, small, and vulnerable ("boy"); the fact that an anvil is used to take rough, raw material and hammer it into a shape and form (like music); the fact that it’s an individual, which is appropriate since I’m currently a one-man-band.  However, my polling efforts returned a 5 to 1 count against it thus far.  Sigh.
  • Misha:  Misha is "Michael" in Russian, which all of my family calls me.  I would absolutely use it, if it weren’t for the 5-10 bands and musicians already using it themselves.  Matt, Kevin, and Tara also liked this one best.  Ah well.
  • Liqui-fi:  Just a play on ‘liquid’ and ‘hi-fi’.  And ‘liquify’.
  • Reverbatory:  A reverb laboratory…or something.
  • Keystroke:  A double reference to heavy computer usage and a ‘swift maneuver’ of some kind.

Misha B and Anvil Project were suggested variations, but one seemed too hip hop, and the other kind of lost its luster for me.  It’s also tough to find names for which the ".com" domain is still available.  (Even for DreamSpin, I only own ".net" and ".org", though I’ve done nothing with eiter.)

The search continues… Do you have any thoughts about the names above, or others not listed here?  If you think of a name I go with, you win free albums and show tickets for LIFE.  I’m serious.







21 responses to “Status of My Band Name Search”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Since you like liquids, anvils, and interesting dichotomies, how about Liquid Anvil???

  2. Eric Avatar

    What’s so bad with GarageSpin?

  3. Yaze Avatar

    You should ask somebody outside the band to name it. Because a name doesn’t mean anything ultimately–or, rather, bands make the name, not the other way around. Go for simple and memorable. The most important band of the 20th century was named afters bugs, after all. Also, unless the band name is trademarked or something, who cares, use it until a lawyer says stop.

  4. mike b Avatar

    @Jay – Liquid Anvil, nice. Maybe even Liquanvil Boysha. Though that sounds like cough syrup.

    @Eric – GarageSpin…I dunno, it never seemed like a band name to me. It’s great for the blog, but will people really want to hear music by GarageSpin? Or GarageBand? Not sure… Sure would be convenient, though… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Does GarageSpin sound like a band name?

  5. Office Overlord Avatar

    I would buy an album from a band called GarageSpin. Then again, I may be biased.

    Misha B sounds like the name of a skinny actress from a failed 90210 ripoff. Could get you into the tabloids, but could also get you a restraining order.

    It sounds to me like you’re trying too hard. Aren’t all the best band names created spontaneously, generally under the influence of mind-altering substances? Down a few Pixy Stix and see what you come up with.

  6. Yaze Avatar

    Hey, what happened to my comment on this? Man, that blows. The other comments suck compared to mine. I’m cancelling my subscription. Kidding! But seriously, I am cancelling my subscription. Good luck kido.

  7. Eric Avatar

    GarageSpin sounds like any other band now-a-days. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Heck, why did I go with EkaBoka for my websites and then for web hosting??? There was very little thought involved. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. mike b Avatar

    @ Office overlord: That’s a great point. I’ve clearly been waaaay to lucid while trying to make this decision. Perhaps if I spin around in an office chair while throwing Scrabble game pieces into the air (while consuming said pixie stickes), the letters will spell something out…

  9. Girl Crusade Avatar
    Girl Crusade

    I think GarageSpin may be a good name for a band…you are right that you already have a following that recognizes GarageSpin as a name, and it sounds like a band name to me. Maybe that is the way to go.

  10. Tara Avatar

    I think GarageSpin may be a good name for a band…you are right that you already have a following that recognizes GarageSpin as a name, and it sounds like a band name to me. Maybe that is the way to go.

  11. Jay Avatar

    After thinking about it, I prefer DreamSpin to GarageSpin as a band name…though I think some variation on “The Mike Bouteneff Band” is just as good in this day and age.

  12. mike b Avatar

    oh boy, so now I’m back to ‘DreamSpin’. *sigh*


    “Bouteneff” just isn’t catchy like “Fat Boy Slim” or “Flava Flav”.

    So noone likes AnvilBoy, huh?

  13. Mibrilane Avatar

    AnvilBoy sounds kind of like a L33T H4xOR5 name to me.

    Some ideas based on your short list:

    Boy Meets Anvil
    Boot NF
    Boo 10F
    Spin Anvil
    Spun Anvil
    Dream Anvil

  14. Office Overlord Avatar

    I'm afraid I have to agree with Mibrilane. At best, AnvilBoy sounds like a self-made nickname (which violates the unwritten rule that you're not allowed to give yourself a nickname); at worst, a tertiary member of the League of Rejected Superheroes.

    Of the many suggestions bandied about to date, other than Garagespin, I've most enjoyed the ones that have some tie-in to your your real name, e.g.:

    Misha Mash
    Misha Horny
    Boot 10
    Boot NF
    Boot Sector
    Arr! Me Boots

    …something like that. I think there's a lot of untapped potential with the "Boot" part.

  15. Tara Avatar

    Good point about the Misha B name…there IS some actress out there, Mischa Barton, or something, right? She's already a Misha B (with a "c" in her name).

    I don't Anvil Boy is bad–although it seems most others are not fond of it. It reminds me of a cute little anime character…but including something similar to your name is not a bad idea…Misha the Boy or something. I don't know. weren't there 2 other names you recently came up with that I liked? What were they?

  16. mike b Avatar

    Thanks so much for your feedback, everyone, it's MUCH appreciated!

    Alas…In my mind, I saw a japanimation character with a huge hammer standing on top of an anvil for AnvilBoy…perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

    @ Mibrilane – Great ideas there, nice variations. I'll have to mull some of these over.

    @ Office Overlord – Dayam. You literally made me laugh out VERY loud with "Misha Horny" and the best, "Arr! Me Boots"…I think I scared a few people at work…these cubicle walls aren't the thickest… Using "boot" isn't a bad idea…except, how many cool ideas can you come up with relating to footwear?

    As for self-imposed nicknames, hey, aren't almost all band names self-assigned?

    At least Tara believes in "Anvil Boy"… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Guys, again, thanks SO much for your feedback, it's been really helpful, but also really enjoyable. Cheers!

    (and the band name hunt continues…)

  17. Jay Avatar

    Misha Boots?

  18. mike b Avatar

    "Misha Boots"…hm. If only I wrote country music. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. reg Avatar

    Radio vine or something like that…isn't a bad idea..It sounds good to me…

  20. Aimee Avatar

    hey i need help wid thinkin of a band name
    me n me mates cant think of any gud ones
    plz help us
    e-mail me them please on


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