Starting a Weekly Indie Artist "Showcase"?

less independent and more cooperative. I thought an opportunity to present completed tracks or “works in progress” could be a great way to exchange constructive feedback. What do you think? Would you contribute your music, or your opinions? ]]>






4 responses to “Starting a Weekly Indie Artist "Showcase"?”

  1. JennyJ Avatar

    I think this is a great idea! I’m guessing a lot of your readers have their own music, right? I’d love to hear and would comment.

  2. Ray Avatar

    a great idea will help us indies out alot
    but think you should add an indie chart
    artist of the month voted on by your listeners/readers/visitors
    a contacts page for info concerning each artist songwriter and where to get writers songs for recording and buy any availible albums {by showcase
    artist} as well as where the songs can be heard on radio

  3. Joey "kilo" Merkler Avatar
    Joey “kilo” Merkler

    I am very intrested in this idea and would help in any way I could to promote or what-ever in the twin cities area for you

  4. MB Avatar

    I’ve been getting a lot of great responses regarding a possible “Unsigned Band Showcase”. Perhaps it’s finally time to launch a podcast..!

    Jenny — I’m glad you like the idea!

    Ray — _Awesome_ suggestions. I’ll try to incoporate these into the showcase.

    Joey — Thanks, your offer to help is much appreciated! Once the showcase is launched, I may need help finding music and finding new listeners…

    Thanks, everyone.


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