"Spinning Daydream" Remixed and Remastered

GarageSpin: "Spinning Daydream"I recently remixed and remastered my song, Spinning Daydream, and am making the enhanced mp3 available for free download.  If you downloaded the track in the past, PLEASE get the updated version — it sounds MUCH, MUCH better. Over the last couple years, I’ve learned quite a lot about mixing and mastering audio. Not enough to claim any kind of expertise in either field (I still plan to have my first EP mastered professionally), but enough that enables me to vastly improve my home-brewed recordings. In addition, Cakewalk added a few new plugins like Boost 11 and Vintage Channel 64 that specifically aid in adding finishing touches to tracks.  (I’m still a novice using them, but they definitely help.) So, I took the old song project, and made these changes:

  • Fine tuned the EQ for each track of audio to further remove unnecessary low and high audio frequencies
  • Added a bass guitar part back to the bridge (on some stereos, that section of the song was annoyingly lacking in bass)
  • Re-applied electric guitar effects to the final chorus electric guitar (the latest version of Sonar “lost” an older plugin I had used for the electric effects…fortunately, the newer plugin actually improved over the old one)
  • Applied Vintage Channel 64 plugin to “warm up” the track
  • Applied Boost 11 to increase the overall volume of the track
  • Shrunk the track’s timing by a few seconds
So, if you already have a copy of the song, PLEASE get the Spinning Daydream mp3.  If you don’t, pick one up, and let me know what you think of the song.  Ok, back to working on new songs…]]>






4 responses to “"Spinning Daydream" Remixed and Remastered”

  1. Sean Wright Avatar

    This song sounds greeat, Mike. Nice little vocal production tweeks. Great job!!!

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Thanks for for checking it out, Sean! And for the compliment. I really do think the production is a vast improvement over the old one. 🙂 Not commercial quality, but vastly improved nonetheless. 🙂

  2. Sean Wright Avatar

    Your voice sounds great, really pro and smooth! Nice one.

  3. GarageSpin Avatar

    Thanks again, Sean!

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