Sound Lab Re-Opens, Announces New Partners

NYC_Sound_Lab_DJ_ArtSound Lab announced a grand re-opening of its subscription-based audio recording facilities, as well as new partnerships with Warner Latin and AMP3. From the press release:

NYC Sound Lab is proud to announce its new partnership with Warner Latin; one of three studios in which Warner will collaborate. Sound Lab will serve as the official New York home base to Warner Latin recording artists in affiliation with KGB Records (in addition to 2 like-minded studios situated in Miami and Puerto Rico respectively). … Along with the new mind-set of the studio, Sound Lab also welcomes new partner , Bernard Fox, to the team. Fox brings 38 years of recording experience to the table and much respect amongst players in the industry. Finally, with all of this action heating up in the studio, Sound Lab aligns with AMP3 on its’ artist development projects; adding in-house publicity, management, and consulting to the mix.
It sounds like DJ Johnny Qwest’s vision is being realized. Folks, this kind of stuff is the future if independent artist development. It’s a new segment of artist development that’s emerging between record labels and unsigned artists. It’s an exciting time to be a musician. ]]>






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