2 Songs Used in Webisode Series 'The Oligarch Duplicity'

My songs Spinning Daydream and 20/20 Foresight are being used in the new spy-thriller webisode series, The Oligarch Duplicity.  Sweet! They’re in Episode 3, which aired today, and which I’m embedding below. Saxon Mills is the digital video company producing the series. They’re also producing an online fictional newspaper, The Metrocity Times, containing articles and columns that refer to events unfolding in The Oligarch Duplicity. You can play the “I Heard a GarageSpin Song” Drinking Game with me by sipping your favorite beverage every time you hear one of the tunes in the background…






6 responses to “2 Songs Used in Webisode Series 'The Oligarch Duplicity'”

  1. Taylor Davidson Avatar

    Awesome. Btw, um, how about the "next" track? I've got a couple videos that the world doesn't need to see sitting here ready to be released…

  2. GarageSpin Avatar

    Taylor – Heheh…I'll be getting back to that track fairly shortly, actually. But not until I finish a quick cover song project. "WHAT???" you ask? That's right, I'm recording a cover song…it's top secret…well, no, not really, but it's almost done, promise.

    But yes, I really do need to finish "Avalanche"…if I could just get it to the point where I actually like it. 🙂

  3. Tara Avatar

    This is awesome!! Congrats on your first (of many) videos for your songs!

  4. Jenny J Avatar
    Jenny J

    That's awesome someone used your song! I don't totally get the video entirely, but I love that the producer was savvy enough to snatch up your music!

  5. GarageSpin Avatar

    Jenny – Heheh! Hey, well, at least he's got that going for him, right? 😉

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