Songbird – Browser and Jukebox Mashup

Songbird’s a pretty cool little app, sort of a mashup of iTunes and Firefox.  It’s all customizable and open source, allowing for a lot of cool functionality.  One of the coolest — you can subscribe to podcasts or mp3 blogs, and the app will automatically download new mp3 files daily.  Likewise, you can drag and drop streamed music into your music library for later playing (as long as you’re online).  Cool stuff…






5 responses to “Songbird – Browser and Jukebox Mashup”

  1. Peter Kirn Avatar

    Songbird is fantastic. See also its great Shoutcast plug-in, which is my favorite radio source. (Jpop? Bollywood tunes? All in there.)

    Finally, it’s making it much more practical to read music blogs, because you have instant access to the music.

    Early builds were pretty unstable, but the current 0.2 dev preview is treating me nicely.

  2. mikeb Avatar

    If Peter’s giving Songbird a thumbs up, you know it’s good. 🙂 Now I must try it out…of course, I’m sooo used to firefox…can one change so easily? 🙂

  3. Ralph emerson Avatar

    Meanwhile, Songbird also allow you adding or playing podcasting and radio services like odeo and easily on the web based player.

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