Song Project Time & Calling Myself Out

no matter WHAT state it’s in, no matter how much it makes my ears bleed from the pain, WILL be posted no later than Sunday at (arbitrarily) 5:00 PM EST for you to enjoy or destroy. There.  Just writing that feels good.  Pressure-driven deadlines do wonders for me…  Wish me luck.]]>






2 responses to “Song Project Time & Calling Myself Out”

  1. Jay Avatar

    Exactly which Sunday were we talking about? ;^)

    1. GarageSpin Avatar

      Jay: Heh. Ya got me. A couple Sundays ago, actually. I completely overestimated the amount of time I had to play with, and underestimated how many changes I planned to make. The good news is, I did do a TON of recording — re-done acoustic guitar parts, re-recorded all verse, chorus, and pre-chorus vocals, recorded new synth string parts, and added a few other things. However, I probably have at least 7-8 hours of editing ahead, just with the parts I've already recorded…and I'll probably add more once it's all basically mixed.

      So, my bluff is officially called. 🙂 And my family is back. The completion date is now somewhat less defined, now…!

      Btw, thanks for actually checking in. Though I don't have something to show, I actually really do appreciate your thought. 🙂

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