Song Pages Now Have Guitar Tabs – Record a Cover & I'll Post It

If you record yourself playing a song, let me know and I’ll post the audio or video here. (Which reminds me, I need to create remixable audio clips of my vocals and instrumentals…) I’ve received a decent amount of requests for guitar tabliture for both “Spinning Daydream” and “20/20 Foresight” lately, and figured it was time create some.  Though it’s not fully developed tabliture — I didn’t include strum patterns — hopefully you’ll be able to figure it out from what I’ve provided. If you try a song and have questions, please let me know.  More importantly, if you record audio or video of yourself playing a song, definitely let me know, and I’ll post it on a soon-to-be-launched “Your Stuff” page. Oh, and I also included “background info” for each song for songwriting geeks,  and “recording software/gear used” for each song for gear heads.  It’s always fun to share ‘n’ compare, right?  No doubt.]]>





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