Snow Patrol – Just Say Yes to Their Own Publishing Company

Snow Patrol‘s next album is a ‘greatest hits’ album called “Up To Now”, which features their new single Just Say Yes. It’s scheduled for pre-release a week before the album launch on November 9th.  The Snow Patrol “Just Say Yes” video has apparently already been shot, and is airing soon. Creating a hits compilation at the top of a band’s game is a smart move — sell old tracks to all the new fans gained recently…it’s basic catalog cross-selling.  Another intersting move — they’re creating their own publishing company to help new artists:

“We get given CDs by new artists and writers all the time and have talked about how we could help the best of them move up. Forming a publishing company seemed the obvious way to go.”  — Drummer Jonny Quinn.
Cool.  Out of appreciation, I may just create my own cover song and video for Just Say Yes for kicks.  (Though that’s mostly part of a bigger project I’m hoping to launch at some point in the future…which may mean 2010…so no need to tap your foot and wait, see?)]]>






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  1. VS23 Avatar

    I love Snow Patrol. The vox are so soothing. I did a remix of their song "Chasing Cars" that has always been popular in the clubs. This new one is making me want to start remixing again!

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