Sigur Ros, Talented Musicians, Painful Interviewees

Sigur Ros is a band from Iceland that’s sold 2 million records of music that contains made-up, gibberish language.  (That’s a story in and of itself, since it proves once and for all that lyrics don’t matter.  Just kidding.  The music is beautiful and atmospheric, and must be any video producer’s dream, since there aren’t any actual words that may conflict with the premise of a video sequence.)  You may remember "Staralfur" from Life Aquatic, and other stuff from Vanilla Sky and other films.

Anyway,  it’s no wonder these guys sing gibberish, they’re not the best public speakers.  Taylor pointed out a recent and cringe-worthy NPR interview with the band.  I dare you to see how far through it you can get…







7 responses to “Sigur Ros, Talented Musicians, Painful Interviewees”

  1. Taylor Avatar

    Actually, I don’t think “they” are that bad. The questions suck. It’s not the best interview, but it’s not the band’s fault, really…

  2. stiff Avatar

    Whew… That’s really terrible. And I don’t think it’s the questions fault.

    I managed almost 2 minutes BTW 😉

  3. garagespin Avatar

    Heh heh. 🙂 I made it though 75% of the recording, then gave up.

    They seem like nice guys, otherwise, and I like their music. Just not a very talkative bunch…and in their defense, it’s way more difficult to “chat” or “philosophize” in a non-native language… 🙂

  4. Bec Avatar

    Looking for a great new artist? Check out Kyrie. She has an incredible voice and a great knack for finding the perfect lyrics.

  5. Jay Avatar

    I’m a Sigur Ros fan, but that was downright excruciating. I half expected Luke Burbank to commit harikiri in the middle of the studio…

    Though the answer to the “Hopelandic” question was kinda funny.

  6. Vinnie Avatar

    Superbly ilumlinating data here, thanks!

  7. Avatar

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