Secret Santa Bounty: Tron and a Snow Tube

It’s true, office Christmas parties CAN be a blast.  We held one of those Secret Santa anonymous gift-giving delios today…and apparently, my co-workers know me pretty well.  First, I got a Tron DVD (20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition). (The old Tron flick is an absolute classic.) Then I got a 56″ Uncle Bob’s Double Snow Tube for some fun in the snow. The actual tube is different from what’s pictured here — mine has funky blue flame details on it, and has two sets of handles, etc. Girl Crusade and I will have to tear up the slopes with this puppy.  Jackpot!






2 responses to “Secret Santa Bounty: Tron and a Snow Tube”

  1. Tara Avatar

    Yay!! Snow tubing!!

  2.  Avatar

    Snow tubes rule! Always a good time when you go off a jump and the tube tears ate the seam. That’s when you know it’s been a good time. Enjoy!!

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