Secret Millionaire: Good Fox Reality Show

secret millionaireAny reality show that makes you want to win the lottery so you can immediately give it away can’t be all bad.

Secret Millionaire, Fox’s new reality show, did that for me.  It’s great to see TV glorifying volunteerism, charity, and good works.  In a nutshell, millionaires live in decrepit neighborhoods, experience poverty, meet amazing people, and give away at least $100,000 of their own cash to deserving folks.  (It’s actually based on the UK show The Secret Millionaire which first aired in 2006.)

For me, the show was an awesome reminder of the many, many things I should be thankful for, the many ways in which we can all help others, and the importance of face-to-face human connections.  Hopefully, it’s achieved that for a lot of other people as well.  Speaking of which, I genuinely hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.







4 responses to “Secret Millionaire: Good Fox Reality Show”

  1. Tara Avatar

    I agree! It is a nice idea for a show, and even not as a show, it’s a nice idea for multi-millionares to do noble things with their money. And nice to see a friendly good-spirited show on Fox even! I wonder if it will last…

  2. garagespin Avatar

    Agreed, a definite nice change…and a surprise coming from Fox. Soon we’ll see VH1 have a Mother Teressa-themed show…!

  3. sue Avatar

    i would love for my mum to have the secret millionaire turn up to my grandparents home. my mum would cry as then we could have a home to live in and not have to worrie about anything. my mum has been the best mother on the earth. can you please think about coming to pur place. i would love for mum and me and my brother to have a home. thank you. lara i’m her daughter and i’ve just turned 11 years old

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