Search for Creative Commons Music on Yahoo!

Indie Musicians Find Exposure Creative Commons LicensesYahoo recently launched a Creative Commons search interface that allows users to limit their music searches to works with a Creative Commmons copyright. As explained earlier, a Creative Commons license allows a work (music, film, photography, and written word) to be used either commercially or as part of a new work, or both. Yahoo Adds Creative Commons SearchIt’s a brilliant move by Yahoo, connecting media junkies and artists looking to promote their work. It’s also testament to the huge value of a Creative Commons copyright; 14 million web pages now link to a Creative Commons license. The music library is huge, and growing exponentially. It’s a great resource DJs, mixers, or anyone looking to sample music. As a home recorder, I’m psyched; but so are search engine enthusiasts and develepors. I wrote more about Creative Commons and restrictive US Copyrights here. Has anyone here had experience either using music in the Creative Commons library, or submitting work to it? I’m excited to try it out both ways. ]]>






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