Savage Beast Technologies, A Music Recommendation Engine

Savage Beast Technologies is yet another company developing a music recommendation engine to connect listeners to music they will enjoy. Many companies play in this field, including Amazon, ChoiceStream, Yahoo, and Polyphonic HMI. Savage Beast’s model is closer to that of Polyphonic HMI‘s, measuring more than 400 musical characteristics of songs to create “fingerprints” used to offer recommendations (as opposed to Amazon’s collaborative filtering model, which simply compares customers’ purchase history with those of other customers). Why do I like Savage Beast? Not because of its oh-so-zany name, but because of its founder, Tim Westergren’s perspective (from Boston Globe):

“The key problem is to connect people with just the music they like.” Westergren became convinced that, as music became global and digital, there would be far too many choices to approach [the old] way. He was also miffed that music labels weren’t taking chances on independent artists who hadn’t attracted large audiences, and he hoped to find a new platform to get their music to market.
On behalf of unsigned artists everywhere, we thank you, Tim. Savage Beast Technology is now being used by Best Buy, Borders, AOL, Tower Records, Barnes & Noble, and others. Last year, the company received a second round of funding totaling $7.8 million. It sounds like they’re well on their way to scoring big. I would love to know if there has been any affect on independent music sales at those locations implementing the technology, or if there are plans to incorporate unsigned music into recommendation engines? ]]>






6 responses to “Savage Beast Technologies, A Music Recommendation Engine”

  1. Tom Conrad Avatar

    Hey, I’m the CTO over at Savage Beast and we’re getting ready to launch a consumer product. I would love to give you access to our preview release next month. If you’re interested drop me a note. My email info is on my blog at

  2. mike Avatar

    A consumer product? Very interesting. I will certainly take you up on your offer, and would love to have a look!

  3. Tom Conrad Avatar

    Hi Mike, have you had a chance to check out our consumer site, Pandora? I’d love to know what you think.

    CTO @ Pandora

  4. Joel Avatar

    According to Wiki, you use people to analyze and identify music for the many genes in each song…umm…is that true? I really thought you were using software for this. Does such software exist? It needs to exist. 😉

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