Sad News and Glad News – Dungeons & Dragons and Tron

I was both saddened and heartened today by some news:

Gary Gygax, co-creator of the game Dungeons & Dragons (introduced in 1974!), died on Tuesday of this week.  Pretty amazing imaginataion.  Hey, he was the inventor of "Hit Points" for stamina, for gosh sakes!  An interesting comment from him in the NY Times, relating to why he disapproved of electronic versions of his games:

“There is no intimacy; it’s not live,” he said of online games. “It’s being translated through a computer, and your imagination is not there the same way it is when you’re actually together with a group of people." [Totally true.]

On a lighter note, TRON is hitting the theaters in 2011, baby!!!  And apparently, a couple writers from the TV series ‘Lost’ (Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz) will be involved.  Hm.  Without the MCP, who will be the bad guy?  Some kind of super-widget?  MySpace?  Jonathan Coulton?  Who knows…  In any case, it’ll be a 3D sequel using the same technology used in Chicken Little (thanks, Eric!).  







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