Rumours of Online Radio's Death Greatly Exagerrated

Om Malik from Business 2.0 and Rags Gupta from Digital Music News (and Live365) recently duked it out over the future and/or death of online radio. Granted, their definitions of “online radio” differ. Rags includes thinks of online radio as “IP-Radio”, which includes podcasting, and subscription services such as Napster To Go, Rhapsody To Go, and MusicMatch. Definitions aside, Om believes online radio is dying, Rags believes online radio is exploding. Both articles are good reads. Interestingly, the growing popularity of playlist sharing sites such as SoundFlavor and FIQL seems to support both sides – users of the sites visit to either 1) share lists they’ve created, or 2) find someone else’s pre-packaged playlist. Personally, I think online radio will do just fine. ]]>






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