Rosegarden, Linux Music Editing Tool, By Fervent

Fervent Releases Rosegarden Music Editing SoftwareRoughly a month ago, I wrote about the open source home recording software Ardour that’s currently in beta, but looking good. Another that is somewhat further along, and getting good reviews, is Rosegarden 1.0, which recently became available on February 14th. As quoted by Linux Audio Blog:

Rosegarden includes the basic features that you would expect to find in a commercial music sequencer and scoring package: MIDI and audio recording and sequencing, sound effects and synth plugins, and a score editor.
How is it mainly different from Ardour? One of the main developors, Guillaume Laurent, explains in an interview:
Ardour is mostly aimed at audio, while Rosegarden is mostly a sequencer with audio as a secondary feature.
Stefan, a fan of the application, expresses the good and the bad in a nutshell:
Linux is not there yet as a full audio platform. Especially the lack of LADSPA plugins might keep people from switching. But I think, in the future, Linux will become a good alternative to Windows.
Keep your eyes open for open source audio platforms. In general, usability and plugin availability are two areas where Linux audio platforms suffer. However, new functionality is on its way. And of course, they’re free of charge, a big plus for any garage band or home recording studio musician. ]]>






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