Rock Band Comic Strip for Rock Bands: Buddy and Hopkins

Buddy and HopkinsI know what you’re thinking.  "Why isn’t there more entertainment created with ME in mind?  Me, me, ME??  Marsha, Marsha!"  No?  Maybe that’s just me.  In any case, if you haven’t already, check out Jason Nocera’s "Buddy and Hopkins" comic strip — it’s a funny take on the whole band/gigging/rehearsing scene we musicians all know and love.  Apparently, he’s written over 270 strips, and is in his 5th year of production.  Congrats, Nocera! ]]>






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  1. GarageSpin Avatar

    Sorry to hear that, Jamez. Actually, I'm surprised to hear that…that's so 1990's suburbonite snobbery. 🙂

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