Riffworld – Song Collaboration and Social Networking

Somona wire works riffworld.comRiffworld.com is Somona Wire Works’ entry into the music collaboration and social networking space.  Rather than re-phrase, I’ll quote from the press release:

Using the RiffWorks desktop recording application, up to four musicians can connect and collaborate on a song simultaneously. As a layer records, it instantly streams to other players’ running RiffWorks. As the Riff loops, other players can add more. All contributions are saved on RiffWorld.com and can be opened later for further collaboration. 

Kind of an interesting spin on the space touched on by music collaboration & social networking sites Kompoz, Light Speed Audio, eJamming Audio, SpliceMusic, and a bunch of others.  They’re all pretty different — some focusing on loop-generated music, some focusing on pure songwriting ideas, and others focusing on live interaction.  Riffworld is definitely worth checking out…I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Pretty cool stuff…and just as I was getting so comfortable writing and recording in the bubble I’m in…  Whatever happened to anti-social networking and brooding rockstars?  🙂







2 responses to “Riffworld – Song Collaboration and Social Networking”

  1. roymond Avatar

    Why are you writing about it and recommending it ("definitely worth checking out") if you haven't even tried it yourself?

  2. garagespin Avatar

    roymond: Why not? When I see a movie trailer that looks good, read about a new guitar pedal that sounds cool, or hear about an amazing YouTube clip, my first instinct is to share the news with friends, even if I haven’t experienced it myself yet. The same applies here.

    Perhaps you’re confusing GarageSpin with one of the 200+ gear/software review blogs out there. 🙂

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