ReverbNation and Music Promotion Widgets

ReverbNation widgetsThe world of widgets (little pieces of code that add functionality to any website or social network page, such as MySpace or FaceBook, etc.) is exploding.  Ya gotta love all the Web 2.0 goodness.

ReverbNation is just one example of a widget-maker worth mentioning (more soon, promise), because it’s focusing on indie bands.  Widgets including music players, show schedules, banners are all available, including a music store (powered by SnoCap).  They’re also doing a good job of including a viral aspect to the widgets, by enabling fans to in turn copy and paste the widgets to their own sites, helping to further promote artsts.  Very cool. 

Nimbit and SnoCap are in the space as well….I’ve wrtten up a comparison, but have yet to post it…if you simply can’t wait, check out HomeTracked’s music store widget comparison here.

I love anything that makes me record music more and freak out about website coding less…







2 responses to “ReverbNation and Music Promotion Widgets”

  1. Brandon Watts Avatar

    Very cool! It’s nice to see more tools that are helping to promote indie music.

    Since you’re interested in widgets, you may also want to check out AutoRoll, which is a widget that displays links to blogs that are similar to yours. The widget uses our recommendation engine and the browsing habits of your readers to recommend blogs, so you and your readers can eventually discover other music bloggers that could potentially expose you to interesting new music.

    If you get a chance to check out AutoRoll, then please be sure to let me know what you think!

    Brandon Watts
    Criteo Evangelist

  2. music maps Avatar

    speaking of widgets have you seen gruvr tour maps? put them on your myspace or wherever and now your fans get alerts when you come to town. Gruvr also helps get you more web traffic…

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