Remix Trend Expands as Record Labels Jump In

Adam Pasick writes in Reuters about the record labels’ 180 degree turn regarding master recording licensing for “mashup” use. Over the last couple years, labels have become increasingly willing open their vaults for use by DJs and Remix artists:

Amid an explosion in remix culture, spurred by technology that enables anyone with a computer to splice together music in new ways, a quartet of albums have been released this year…”
The Remix trend will continue to increase, as an art form for two big reasons: 1. Instant Branding. It takes time and money to promote a new “product”, in this case, a new band or a new single. By plugging easily recognizable hits into a “remix”, half of a label’s job is finished. Normally, a single would need to infiltrate multiple radio station rotations to build solid grounding within listeners memories. (The same “recycling” trend can be seen in other entertainment industries. Sequels and remakes are becoming more and more common in movies and musicals. Off the top of my head….movies: “War of the Worlds“, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“, “The Grudge“, “Star Wars“; musicals: “Moving Out“, “Good Vibrations“, “Mamma Mia” come to mind…there are many more.) 2. Barriers To Artistic Entry Removed: Anyone with computer can remix. You don’t need to play a guitar, sing on key, or bust rhymes to create music. Just rip Acid from the Net, grab a couple CDs, and begin layering sound on sound to your heart’s content. (Again, the same is the case in film. Digital video is incredible. If you’ve ever edited film or VHS, you know the pain that comes with the process. Indie films are expanding at a tremendous rate.) *** Any trend that is perpetuated by both businesses (#1 above) and artists (#2 above) has serious staying power. The same technological advances that enable remixes also facilitate the creation of original music. Home recording studio musicians need not despair. ]]>






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