Recording Studios Adapting to Home Recording

Pro recording studios adapt to home recordingThe Boston Globe has a nice little article about how professional recording studios are adapting (some are not) to shrinking record label recording budgets and the increase in home recording practices.  Mike Denneen, co-owner of Q Division studios, said this:

"This is a technology business, and the answer is to adapt, not fight it.  I’ve been encouraging people to come and do what you need to do here and then go home and do what it makes sense to do at home. Setting up a whole band with five mikes and a few inputs on a digital console in your living room won’t get you a great quality recording. But you don’t need to do tambourine overdubs in the studio."

He’s absolutely right.  It’s about finding a happy medium.  The need for experienced, talented engineers and great sound spaces will always be there; BUT, home recording is an established reality.  Studios will need to take their customers’ home recording practices into consideration when offering professional services to survive.








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