Recording a Song A Month — the Calendar Songs Project

calendar girlDidn’t I just write about an artist recording a new album every month?  Ok, yes, I did. 

Funny coincidence.  Andrew at NewMusicStrategies just wrote about Tamara, the Calendar Girl, who has been recording a song every month, collecting remixes posted by her fans, and will be releasing a double album consisting of 1) her recordings and 2) other artists’ remixes of her recordings.  Pretty cool idea.

There aren’t many original "Recording-a-Song/Album-Every-[FILL IN A TIME PERIOD]" ideas left in the world.  Who will tackle a song a day?  A song an hour?

A verse a day?  A chorus every full moon?  A greatest hits album every presedential election?  A remix every time gas prices go up?  These ideas are GOLD people.

What ideas have you got?







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