Reality TV is a Killer Album Launching Machine

Danity Kane, the 5-member girl band starring in Making the Band 3 (produced by P. Diddy), recently hit #17 with their single "Show Stopper," with virtually no radio play.  Apparently, the five highest-debuting singles of 2006 are all by television reality stars, according to Billboard — that would include singles by Ashley Parker, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and Paris Hilton.

So hey, if you’ve got a band, it’s time to start your own reality TV show.  Or, as Joe Taylor points out, if you don’t have P. Diddy’s financial clout, you can try brand-building and relationship-forming on a smaller scale with blogs, newsletters, or video clips.  …Which is what sites like MySpace and YouTube are all about, I guess.  Eh.  Who wants a camera following you around 24/7 anyway?








5 responses to “Reality TV is a Killer Album Launching Machine”

  1. Trish Avatar

    That is so true! I loved watching the Ashley Simpson show and totally liked her music before it even came out.

    But Danity Kane? I have to say, the show was a lot more interesting when it was just drama and not actual songs. Even though I liked watching season 1 and 2, season 3 was pretty boring and taught me I hate their music. So I will NOT be helping them achieve #16 status next week.

    BTW–what ever happened to Mr. Combs’ other bands he started on MTV?

  2. MikeB Avatar

    That’s such a great question. What about that huge, 6-member rap group he put together? I never even found out what that band’s name was…did they even release an album? I guess that was an example to the contrary, a flop.

  3.  Avatar

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  4.  Avatar

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